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Lotus Temple Delhi - Bahai House of Worship


Lotus Temple, also known as Bahai House of Worship, is a famous tourist attraction built in the shape of a lotus flower. Bahai Temple is an all faith home of worship situated in Kalkaji in the South Delhi towards the east of Nehru Place. The architecture of Bahai Temple which resembles the shape of a lotus, the national flower of India, has won innumerable awards and recognition from the architecture world.

Architecture of Bahai Lotus Temple Delhi

Fariborz Sahba, a Canadian architect of Iranian origin, spent ten years in designing and project management and with the help of a team of about 800 engineers, technicians, artisans and workers brought to realization of one of the most complicated constructions in the world.

The structure of Bahai House of Worship is composed of three ranks of nine petals, each springing from a podium elevating the building above the surrounding plain. The first two ranks curved inward, embracing the inner dome and the third layer curves outward to form canopies over the nine entrances. It has space to hold over two thousand people and the hall is over forty meter high. The petals constructed of reinforced white concrete cast in place are made in white marble panels performed to surface profiles and patterns related to geometry.

Picture of Lotus Temple in Delhi or Bahai House of Worship

The structure of Lotus Temple Delhi consists of twenty seven marble petals that are arranged in three clusters to form nine sided circular shape. Nicely manicured lawns add to the beauty of the Bahai temple. The Lotus temple is produced of marble, cement, dolomite and sand and gives every single individual the message of equality. Along with its nine surrounding ponds and the gardens, the Lotus Temple property comprises of twenty six acres. A portion of the construction budget was saved and used to build a greenhouse to study indigenous plants and flowers that would be appropriate for use in the site.

Visitor Attractions of Delhi Lotus Temple

After its inauguration in December 1986, the Bahai Temple in Delhi attracted more visitors even that the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal. On Hindu holy days Lotus Temple sees a mass number of visitors there. The symbol of Lotus represents beauty, purity and divinity and rising up from pure stagnant water the lotus represents the manifestation of God. The soothing quiet prayer hall and tranquil surroundings have touched the hearts of various visitors creating in them a desire to trace its inspirational source and capture a bit of its peace for themselves.

The temple was declared open to all regardless of their religious belief so that people can worship the Creator of Universe without having limitations imposed by religious denominations. Chanting in any language is allowed. Prayers and readings are often accomplished with choirs but musical instruments are not allowed. Rituals and ceremonies are not permitted and sermons are also not allowed.

The visitors had been aided in their efforts by the serenity of the Prayer Hall plus the assistance of volunteer guides and staff who explained the history of the temple. The innate sense of reverence of the Indian for the Omnipresence normally manifested itself inside the act of reverently touching the actions leading into the Prayer Hall.

Bahai Temple Delhi Visiting Hours

Bahai Lotus Temple timings are from

9.00 AM to 7.00 PM during summer (1st April to 30th September)
9.30 AM to 5.30 PM during winter (1st October to 31st March)
Bahai Temple is open on all days, except Mondays.

The entry to the temple is free and permission is required for photography. Mobile phones, still cameras and video cameras are not allowed to be used inside the Prayer Hall and the Information Centre.

Delhi Lotus Temple Show Timings

Bahai Temple also conducts short Bahai related films in English and Hindi languages. The show timings are from

In English - 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM, every 20 minutes
In Hindi – 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM, on the half hour

Contact Address
Bahai House of Worship
Bahapur, Kalkaji
New Delhi - 110019
Phone Numbers - 011 - 26470526, 26444029

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