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Popular Festivals In Delhi India


There are numerous festivals in Delhi. The capital city enjoys large variety of festivals on account to the diverse population it holds. Each and every festival is a real feast where the city celebrates harvests, seasons and other religious festivals to have a break from their routine city life. Showing the cultural diversity, large number of festivals, fairs and events are celebrated in Delhi, India. Some of the Major Delhi Festivals include Holi, Kite Flying Festival, Suraj Kund Mela, Muharram, Baisakhi, Dussehra, Diwali, and Sikh Festival.

Major Delhi Festivals and Fairs

Lohri - Lohri is celebrated at the end of the winter season, singing and dancing with bonfires.

Republic Day - Yet another colorful event celebrated in Delhi is the Republic Day of the nation where people gather at the Red Fort to see the parades of armed regiments, school children and giant floats.

Sikh Festival - This is celebrated as the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh in the city.

Festival of Kite Flying - During the time of Makara Sankranti, colorful kites can be seen on the sky of Delhi where people from other countries also participate.

Basant Panchami - The Hindu festival of Basant Panchami is celebrated to welcome the spring. It is at this time that the Mughal Gardens behind the Rashtrapati Bahvan are opened for the public.

Suraj Kund Mela - This is a popular Crafts fair held at Suraj Kund which includes music and festivals from other states also.

Holi - Holi is the festival of colors celebrated by destructing the devil Holika. In this celebration people throw colored paints on each other, celebrating the arrival of spring.

Picture of Holi Festival, popular festivals in Delhi India

Maha Sivarathri - This is celebrated at temples with lights and prayers, people keeping fast and staying awaken throughout the night chanting prayers.

Muharram - This festival marks the Islamic New Year.

Baisakhi - This marks the Hindu New Year on the starting of summer which is the harvesting season.

Independence Day - Independence Day is celebrated on August 15th where the Prime Minister addresses the nation from the Red Fort.

Dussehra - This is a Hindu festival which is celebrated on the victory of Lord Rama over demon king Ravana.

Navaratri - A nine day long festival which is done to worship the nine forms of Goddess Lakshmi to have her blessings for prosperity, wealth and health.

Diwali - Festival of Lights as it is popularly known is celebrated on the comeback Of Lord Rama after defeating Raavana. People celebrate by cracking fireworks, distributing sweets and doing pujas.

Guru Purab - This festival marks the celebration of birth of Guru Nanak. Verses from Guru Grantha Sahib are recited in Gurudwaras.

Christmas - All major places in Delhi hosts special Christmas events on the eve of the Christmas day where midnight mass is organized by the churches. Special food and entertainment is offered by most of the hotels and restaurants.

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